Thursday, August 30, 2012

Progress Update: 'Ninja Werewolf Assassins!'

The second part of the Weirdo Company series, which began in Zombies vs Unicorns, is well under way.  This next adventure of Lt. Harper and his band of monster hunters takes the team to the United Kingdom, where they will team up with their British counterparts to capture a wanted terrorist with a deadly secret, a dastardly plan, and a painful connection to General Thibault.

Right now, the story stands at 9070 words, about 4,000 of which I've added just in the last few days.  This one is just pouring out of me now, and I'm having a blast writing it.  It goes a little bit deeper into the characters, as my plan had always been for the first story to act much like the pilot episode of a TV series.  In fact, I'm approaching the entire Weirdo Company series like it was a TV show, and I've plotted out the arc of the "episodes" through a complete "season."  I'm hoping to release one per month,  with some real fun surprises in store.

In other news, I am still getting used to having an Olympus Mans Google+ page.  Right now it's really bare, but I'm going to be adding content slowly, and especially a lot more as I release more of my work and get down to another upcoming project that I'm very excited about.

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Circle my page on Google+!

I have created a Google+ page to mirror my Facebook page, a platform to share my writing and artwork in a more professional sense.

The Facebook page can be found here.

The Google+ page can be found here.

I can also be found on Twitter - @bkguilfoy.

See you on the web!

Friday, August 10, 2012

ZvsU, now on Amazon!

is now available on Amazon:

"They are the US military's special response unit for monsters and other creepy-crawly creatures that go bump in the night. They are Weirdo Company. Lead by Lt. Paul Harper, the team embarks on a mission uncomfortably close to home: Contact has been lost with a small farming town in the northeastern United States. What the team finds there will set them up for the fight of their lives, as the townspeople have been turned into vicious, bloodthirsty zombies.
But Harper and his team, including a green new recruit Davis, will discover that there is far more danger in this town than just zombies. Because if the people have mutated into something grotesque and dangerous, what has happened to the farm animals?

"Zombies vs Unicorns" is the first story in the 'Weirdo Company' series and features thrilling, summer blockbuster-style zombie-killing action and a few fun surprises."

Thursday, August 9, 2012

The zombies are here! (and so are the unicorns)

The first installment of "Weirdo Company", "Zombies vs Unicorns" is now live at Barnes and Noble!  There's currently something wrong with the Amazon version; I have no idea what, but the title is listed as 'not currently available' for some reason.  It is available via and other Amazon sites, just not the US

But, here it is in epub format for those of you with Nooks or other epub-capable ereaders:

When the Amazon link goes live, I'll be back with that!  Enjoy!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The zombies are coming

Tonight, despite being massively sick, I managed to sit down and finish "Weirdo Company: Zombies vs Unicorns," the first in a new short story series.  It's silly, gory fun.  If you like zombies, you'll probably dig it.  If you like explosions and summer blockbuster-style action, you'll probably dig it.  If you like unicorns, you'll probably hate me forever.

Here's the cover I eventually settled on.  It's a bit simpler than I envisioned, but, deadlines are deadlines.

I'll have the links up as soon as the book goes live.  I can't wait to hear what people think of it.