Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Well, here we are.

If you've come here from my other blog, For Reelz, then hello again.  Over at For Reelz, I've blogged (a lot) about movies and TV shows.  Over at my first blog, Olympus Mans, I blogged about random silliness and drew cartoons about conversations I had with a former roommate.

Here, though, is something a little different.  You see, I recently decided that I was wasting my life.  Well, that wasn't really a recent decision... Anyway, I think the recent decision was that I was finally going to do something about it. 

So over the last two months I gathered up some of the short stories I'd written in the last few years and put them all together in a book.  It's an eBook, currently available for the Amazon Kindle.  Of course, I can't stop there.  What serious writer would?  I'm not one of those weird recluses who publishes a single tome and then lapses into obscurity, growing out my fingernails and keeping urine in jars... or whatever.

Nope, I'm going to keep writing.  And after I've done a bunch of that, I'm going to publish it.  Now that my first eBook is out there (with other formats soon to follow), I'm working steadily on my first novel.  Ambitious?  Maybe.  Doable?


So welcome to My Insane Ramblings.  

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