Friday, October 12, 2012

Get Zombies vs Unicorns now... for free!

Today, October 13, 2012, in honor of World Zombie Day and the return of AMC's The Walking Dead, I'm giving away free copies of Weirdo Company: Zombies vs Unicorns for Kindle and Nook.

They are the US military's special response unit for monsters and other creepy-crawly creatures that go bump in the night. They are Weirdo Company. Lead by Lt. Paul Harper, the team embarks on a mission uncomfortably close to home: Contact has been lost with a small farming town in the northeastern United States. What the team finds there will set them up for the fight of their lives, as the townspeople have been turned into vicious, bloodthirsty zombies.

But Harper and his team, including a green new recruit Davis, will discover that there is far more danger in this town than just zombies. Because if the people have mutated into something grotesque and dangerous, what has happened to the farm animals?

"Zombies vs Unicorns" is the first story in the 'Weirdo Company' series and features thrilling, summer blockbuster-style zombie-killing action and a few fun surprises.

I'm doing these downloads myself, so the links will take you to a Google Docs page.  Click on the link for your preferred format, .mobi for Kindle or .epub for Nook and other e-Readers, and then click "Download" in order to get the file.  

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